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Amazon Slots

Online Casino VIP Schemes

Congratulations, you've just stumbled upon the ancient Amazonian VIP Scheme. Work your way up five VIPs levels on your quest to unlock bigger and better rewards, and earn the ultimate accolade of complete Legend!

The rules of the game are simple - the more you deposit and play, the more Kudos you’ll earn in the rainforest, and the more Kudos you have the higher you’ll climb in status. You can keep track of your VIP status from the My Account page.

Reach the top title of Legend and you’ll be running the show, with 50 free spins on every deposit of £20+, 10% weekly cashbackfree spins on every new game and a generous Birthday Bonus!

VIP Fast Track: Are you already a VIP elsewhere? If so, simply send us proof of your VIP status and our VIP team is happy to review your submission. Just e-mail us at and we will be in touch shortly.

Level Newbie Expert Pro VIP Legend
Weekly Cashback No 1% 3% 5% 10%
Free Spins 0 5 10 25 50
Birthday Bonus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Requirement - collect Kudos Up to 100 Kudos 101 - 1,000 1,001 – 2,500 2501 - 5,000 5,000+

1 Kudos = £1 deposited

VIP Scheme T&Cs

In order to maintain their VIP status, players need to meet the minimum monthly wagering requirement for their level:

Legend: £20,000+ wagered per month

VIP: £5,000+ wagered per month

Pro: £1,000+ wagered per month

Expert: £100+ wagered per month



All of our players are important to us here at Amazon Slots, so we like to reward each and every one of them. As soon as you start playing with us, we’ll get right down to rewarding you. The more you spend over your time with us, the more we’ll give you as a thank you.
There are a total of five levels for you to work through, from the newbie all the way up to the legend. Each level is calculated on a system of Kudos points, you’ll get one of these for each £1 you deposit here. That means that on top of any bonuses you claim, you will also be making your way through the levels of this schemes.
As far as online casino VIP schemes go, ours is undoubtedly one of the most generous on the market. There are all sorts of perks to being a VIP player here, from some free spins to weekly cashback. The higher you are in our scheme, the more you will get from us for playing here.
At the top of the table sit our legend players, who experience the cream of the crop. They qualify for a massive 10% cashback each week, 50 free spins and whopping birthday bonuses. With all of these rewards to be claimed, you will be living it up if you make it to this level. Each level come with their own special rewards however, so you don’t need to be a high roller to experience some brilliant rewards.
You may have looked at online casino loyalty schemes in the past but you can rest assured that ours is one of the very best. With a whole load of games to get playing on too, you’ll find that you climb the VIP ladder in less time than you thought. Just think of all the games you could be playing!
If you want to check where you are in the scheme then just log into your account. From there, you can head over to the progress page and find out where you are. Then, you can decide if you want to up your wagers to get some additional perks from us. It’s well worth it to snap up one of the best online casino rewards schemes in the business.
We hope you enjoy all of the time that you spend on Amazon Slots and that you’re eager to come back for more. This scheme is just a little added perk to encourage you to do just that. Whether you love slots, casino games or instants, these will all contribute to the scheme and help you rake in those rewards.
You can check back here any time to learn more about the scheme or what to expect from it. Then you can get back into the lobby and get hard at work earning those points. You might just hit a jackpot if you do! Don’t think about playing anywhere else, stick with us for some epic perks and bonuses.