10p Roulette Online 

If you love roulette, then our 10p roulette game is something you need to try! It’s the perfect option if you just want to jump in a play a few quickfire rounds, with betting limits suited to every budget. We also find many of our members like to use the game as a way of testing real-money wagers. Due to the limits being so low, you can learn the rules and get a feel for real cash wagers without breaking the bank. If you like the sound of 10p roulette, read on as we bring you all the essential details you need to know about this classic casino table game

10p Roulette Online

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How to Play 10p Roulette?

If you have ever played roulette before, you’ll take to the 10p roulette game instantly. The user-friendly layout and rules make the game suitable for any experience and budget. Intuitive controls and the simple betting options add to what is a hugely popular game in our casino.

Follow our four-step playing guide for the quickest way to play 10p roulette:

  1. Work out your budget and use the chips to select how much you want to bet on each roulette bet. It’s similar to how you would play at a brick-and-mortar casino!
  2. Pick the outside bets for lower odds or go for the inside bets where you can find bigger odds – all the bet types are listed in another section below.
  3. Once you click bet, the wheel will start spinning, and the roulette ball will follow as you wait for it to land in one of the 37 pockets (numbers 0-36).
  4. Winning bets are then paid out according to which pocket the ball landed in. Once all bets are paid out, the betting round for 10p roulette starts again!

Game Details

The 10p roulette game at Amazon Slots is based on the rules of European Roulette, a game that is also frequently played among our members. The European rules are some of the most favourable in the roulette world, so again, this makes 10p roulette even more appealing.

We mentioned the layout with its easy menu and buttons. These include the big bet button, options for clearing bets, repeating bets, and all the main outside/inside/neighbours bets. Be sure to check the betting limit and paytable page that outlines all the other key betting details.

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Game Info

  • Game – 10p Roulette
  • RTP – 97.30%
  • Betting Limits – £0.10 to £1,000 (total bet amount must be at least £1 to play)
  • Maximum Payout – £100,000
  • Volatility – Determined by the bet you place

How Do You Win?

Roulette is one of the simplest games to play at Amazon Slots Casino. It’s why everyone can log on (or walk up) and play this classic game, no matter the experience level. Thanks to games like 10p roulette and 20p roulette, players don’t need to worry about breaking the bank either.

Choose your bets and then hit the big bet button to trigger the game round. The roulette wheel will start off while the ball spins until it settles into one of the 37 pockets. Any winning bets that you predicted correctly get paid out, and you start all over again. It’s quick and easy gaming!

  • The built-in history feature can track your bets, spending, and wins.

Types of Bets & Payouts

Outside Bets Minimum Bet Limit Maximum Bet Limit Payout
Red/Black £1 £100 Evens
Even/Odd £1 £100 Evens
High/Low £1 £100 Evens
Column £1 £100 2/1
Dozen £1 £100 2/1


Inside Bets Minimum Bet Limit Maximum Bet Limit Payout
Single Number £0.10 £100 35/1
Split (2 numbers) £0.10 £100 17/1
Line (3 numbers) £0.10 £100 11/1
Corner (4 numbers) £0.10 £100 8/1
Six Line (6 numbers) £0.10 £100 5/1

You also have the Neighbours bet when you play 10p roulette. It’s an additional bet that covers one number on the wheel and two numbers on either side. It will cost you the same as five single number bets, but you are covering a larger portion of the wheel, with the odds coming in at around 6/1.

“10p Roulette is the perfect setting for anyone looking to learn the roulette game.”

10p Roulette Volatility

Roulette provides varying volatility levels, and this is down to the various bets available. Many of the inside bets, for example, single numbers and splits, are considered high volatility because of the bigger odds. The outside bets come with lower odds and are therefore considered low volatility. If you consider all the available bets, the game offers medium volatility across the board.

Pros & Cons


  • Based on European roulette
  • 10p micro limits
  • Popular outside, inside, and neighbour bets
  • The top prize is worth £100,000
  • Quick and easy gameplay


  • Basic graphics may not suit all players
  • There are no call bets available


Q. Can I play 10p roulette for real money?

A. You can play 10p roulette for real money at Amazon Slots. Get some money in your account, and then open the game to place your roulette bets.

Q. What is the most won on roulette?

A. The maximum prize available on 10p roulette is worth £100,000, and there are various other prizes thanks to all the different betting options in the game.

Q. Can I play 10p roulette on mobile?

A. Yes, you can enjoy the 10p roulette experience on your mobile devices. Simple controls and quick gameplay make it a top mobile game.

Q. What is the best strategy for 10p roulette?

A. There are various strategies available for roulette. The Martingale strategy is one that players often look at. Placing chips on the outside bets is also something that allows players to maintain their bankroll longer.

Q. Is there a 10p roulette demo?

A. Yes, you can play a 10p roulette free demo at Amazon Slots. It’s a useful option if you are new to the game and want to learn the rules.

Q. What is the safest bet in roulette?

A. It is widely regarded that the outside bets are the safest in roulette. They come with lower odds, but there is more chance of winning than betting on single numbers.

Q. How much should you bet on roulette?

A. Bet what you can afford to lose. That is the golden rule when playing online casino games, whether slots or 10p roulette. Start low until you feel comfortable with how the game works, then bet bigger if you want to.

Q. What is the volatility of 10p roulette?

A. In general, the 10p roulette game is considered to be medium volatility. However, different bets provide higher and lower volatility, such as the single number bet, which is higher volatility, while the red/black is lower volatility.

Q. What is the maximum I can stake when playing 10p roulette?

A. The maximum bet you can place per round is set to £1,000. Various betting options are capped at £100, but you can place various bets on the table at any one time.

Q. Is 10p roulette a trustworthy and legitimate online casino game?

A. Yes, 10p roulette at Amazon Slots is a reliable, fair, and legitimate game. Our casino is licensed by the UKGC, while the SQS auditing company tests all the games.