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*New players only, £10 min fund, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) to real funds, 65x wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply here.  

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Treasure Island, a live game show designed by Pragmatic Play. Packed with exciting features like bonus rounds, wheels of fortune, and treasure maps, players are in for an unbeatable experience. Get ready to uncover hidden riches and enjoy a gaming journey like never before.


Pragmatic Play





Bet Range

£0.10 to £5,000

Special Features

Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Multiplier, Wheel Of Fortune, Spin The Wheel Game, Wild

Highest Jackpot Payout/Max Win






Theme & Visuals

This game brings to life Robert Louis Stevenson’s iconic novel, ‘Treasure Island’, in a captivating gaming experience. The 54-segment big wheel may give you a feeling of Crazy Time or some kind of roulette, but it offers much more, adorned with three gem types.

The visually appealing graphics, just like 7s Deluxe Fortune Spins set against a backdrop of the vast sea, enhance the immersive atmosphere, enthralling players with its charm.


Treasure Island's gameplay is both engaging and diverse, accommodating a bet range from £0.10 to £5,000. The 54-segment wheel introduces dynamic multipliers, fluctuating between 1x and 50x per game round, intensifying the thrill of the initial spin. 

With low volatility, players can anticipate frequent small wins, reserving substantial rewards for the Bonus Rounds, where a maximum 15,450x multiplier on Billy Bones’ Map awaits, capped at £500,000.

The unique aspect lies in the fluid Gem segment multipliers, varying from 1x to 50x, with the possibility of hitting the coveted 50x on the Ruby sections. Some segments feature multiple jewels, enhancing winning potential, while others offer double payouts for identical gems. 

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With an even distribution, the RTP for Treasure Island ranges between 96.39% and 96.56%, ensuring an equitable gaming experience across all facets of this captivating game show. For those seeking the thrill of Treasure Island, the game awaits at Amazon Slots Casino, where players can dive into this exciting live adventure and other games, such as the 24-Hour Grand Prix and roulette-type games like Treasure Island.

Bonus Features

Treasure Island live game show

Wild Collector

In this enthralling feature, players get the opportunity to amass all gemstones within a dynamically highlighted area on the wheel. Each acquired gemstone rewards the player's bet, multiplied by the specific gem's multiplier. The strategic element comes into play as the size of the highlighted area varies with each game, keeping players on the edge of their seats with surprise and tactical decision-making.

Great Scavenger

The Great Scavenger feature revolves around collecting gemstones from illuminated mini slots, creating a visually appealing and interactive aspect of the game. As players aim to accumulate as many gemstones as possible, each gem contributes to their overall winnings. 

The multipliers associated with these gemstones are then applied to the bets, significantly enhancing the potential payout. Real-time tracking of total winnings on the screen ensures players stay informed and engaged throughout this captivating bonus round.

Ben's Lost Marbles Bonus Round

This Bonus Round introduces a captivating mini-game reminiscent of Pachinko,  Pinball, and Bagatelle machines. Marbles descend from the top, caught by machine pockets with attached multiplier values. The more marbles collected, the larger the payout, with RNG determining outcomes—only a dice roll at the start sets the number of marbles to drop.

John Silver’s Loot

This bonus game resembles Bingo, randomly draws colored balls with assigned multipliers based on Gem multipliers chosen at the game's start. No player interaction is needed; observe as up to 10 balls are drawn, with Black balls reducing the count by five. Payouts range from 2 to 10,000x.

Billy Bone’s Map 

This bonus round offers the highest potential payout in Pragmatic Treasure Island at an impressive 15,450:1. Uncover hidden keys on an 8×8 grid map by selecting five squares containing gems or keys. Finding all three keys opens a chest with a substantial payout, while partial success yields the value of uncovered gems.

Captain Flint’s Treasure

This is the final bonus round, and it requires navigating six levels, collecting gems, and avoiding skulls to extend your game. Choose a path through a 7×6 barrel grid, banking multipliers for each gem and ending the game with a skull pick. With a 1.85% chance on the wheel, payouts range from 10x to 15,000x, adding an exhilarating element to your Treasure Island adventure

How to Play Treasure Island?

  1. Log in to your account. If you're a new player, complete the registration process to create an account.
  2. Ensure your account has sufficient funds by making a deposit through the casino's secure payment methods. Amazon Slots typically offers various deposit options, including credit/debit cards and e-wallets.
  3. Once your account is funded, use the search bar or browse the live game section to locate Treasure Island. Click on the game to launch it.
  4. Before spinning the wheel, set your desired bet amount. Use the game controls to adjust the coin value, bet level, or total bet, ensuring it aligns with your preferred wagering amount.
  5. Watch for special features like Wild Collector and Great Scavenger during gameplay. These bonus rounds can enhance your winnings by collecting gemstones or winning all gemstones in highlighted areas.
  6. When triggered, actively participate in the various bonus rounds such as Ben’s Lost Marbles, John Silver's Loot, Billy Bones’s Map, and Captains Flint’s Treasure. Follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy the unique gameplay each bonus round offers.
  7. During your gaming session, monitor your winnings, account balance, and progress toward bonus objectives. Remember to play responsibly, stick to your budget, and take breaks as needed to enhance your overall gaming experience at Amazon Slots.

Play Treasure Island for Real Money at Amazon Slots

Treasure Island by Pragmatic, available at Amazon Slots, immerses players in a thrilling journey inspired by Treasure Island.  Like Power Core, the game offers frequent wins and substantial payouts With a versatile bet range, dynamic multipliers, and engaging bonus features like Wild Collector and Great Scavenger, the game offers frequent wins and substantial pay-outs. The captivating bonus rounds, stunning visuals, and strategic gameplay make every spin an adventure worth savouring.


Q. How does the Wild Collector Feature in Treasure Island work?

A. The Wild Collector lets players win gemstones in a highlighted wheel area, each paying out based on the gem's multiplier. The area size varies for added strategy.

Q. What's Unique About Treasure Island Gameplay and Gem Multipliers?

A. Treasure Island’s gameplay includes a 54-segment wheel with fluid 1x to 50x multipliers. Gem payouts are determined after the betting window, with 50x possible on Ruby sections.

Q. What Sets Treasure Island's Bonus Rounds Apart and How Do They Impact Play?

A. Treasure Island’s bonus rounds like Ben’s Lost Marbles and Billy Bones’s Map add interactive elements and strategic depth, offering varied experiences and potential big wins.