15 Tridents Online Slot Review

Dive into the depths of the sea to the city of sirens in the 15 Trident slot machine, where treasure is buried, sunk into the waves. The sea is ruled by the formidable Poseidon and his queen, the sirens are hovering, but there is gold to be found. Use the unique features of the game to create paylines. 

The impressive and colourful graphics of the sea king, and sirens are just the beginning of this game. The graphics are a feast for the eyes, but the narrative is a feast for the mind and the features are a feast for the wallet. 

Use the help of Poseidon, his queen Amphitrite, the sirens, and their assigned unique features to create massive wins in this colourful and enticing game. 

15 Tridents Slot Free Spins

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Game Info
Provider Microgaming
Jackpot No
Reels 2x5 reels
Paylines 1,024
Stakes Range 0.2 to 25
Free Spins/Multiplier Yes
Max Win 10,000x
RTP 96.12% 
Volatility  High

How to Play 15 Tridents Slot?

Playing the 15 Tridents slot machine is as easy as any other Microgaming slot, like the popular Kings of Crystal and 9 posts of Gold Slot. You simply start by setting your bet, which can be anything from 0.2 credits to 25, and click spin to get going. The idea is to create paylines out of collections of matching icons. Every complete payline will be a win and there are a whopping 1,024 paylines to create. 

Your icons are beautifully illustrated Atlantis-themed symbols, made up of the high paying icons, Poseidon, the king of the sea in purple, his queen, Amphitrite, in red, and the three sirens in green, blue, and purple. The lower paying icons are made up of the ace, king, queen, and jack. 

Use the many helpful features to create more paylines and multiply your winnings. 

15 Tridents Gameplay and Features

The most obvious feature of the 15 Tridents game is the fact that you can play on two sets of reels at once. You have two sets of five reels to create paylines from, giving you loads more ways to win. This has put 15 Tridents amongst some of the best online slot machines.  

15 Tridents Slot double reel sets

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You also have a set of wild symbols, which carry a multiplier too. A wild symbol will substitute for any icon that might create a payline, giving you more chances to win, but they also might multiply your winning bet by 2x, 3x or 5x. 

There is also the scatter symbol, like other Microgaming games have such as the Leprechaun Links game. This one looks like a devious creature’s eye and will trigger free spins if three of them land on the board. The more scatters you have on your board the more free spins you’ll get, starting at 3 scatters for 10 spins and ending with 6 scatters for 25 spins.

For the game-specific features, there is Poseidon’s Favour, where Poseidon will randomly add some trident symbols, which are part of the Trident Swift hits feature, for a cash prize. If you get three or more of them on the board, you could get a cash prize that goes all the way up to 20,000 credits!

Amphitrite might just help you out by adding a wild symbol that will up the multiply value of any wild symbols that have already landed, so your win will be multiplied even more. 

The sirens might also appear. They add a higher paying icon to the reels to create a payline so you can win more.  

15 Tridents Symbols and Paytable

symbol1 5  x37.5 symbol2 5  x15 symbol3 5  x5
4  x7.5 4  x5 4  x2.5
3  x2 3  x1.5 3  x1
symbol4 5  x4.5 symbol5 5  x4 symbol6 5  x0.75
4  x2.25 4  x2 4  x0.5
3  x1 3  x1 3  x0.35
symbol7 5  x0.6 symbol8 5  x0.5 symbol9 5  x0.5
4  x0.45 4  x0.35 4  x0.35
3  x0.3 3  x0.25 3  x0.25
symbol10   symbol11   symbol12  
Special Scatter Wild 

15 Tridents RTP & Volatility

The 15 Tridents slot machine has an RTP of 96.12% and a high volatility.  

15 Tridents Slot big win

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The 15 Tridents slot machine offers a lot to players. If you are looking for beautiful graphics, it’s there. If you like a narrative with your slot playing, you have it. There really is something for everyone, as we can expect from a title from Microgaming. Try it out today and see what you can find at the bottom of the ocean. 


Q. What is the RTP of 15 Tridents?

A. The 15 Tridents slot machine has an RTP of 96.12% and high volatility.

Q. Are there free spins in the 15 Tridents slot?

A. Yes, there is loads of free spins up for grabs in 15 Tridents. 

Q. What is the max win of 15 Tridents?

A. The max win of 15 Tridents is 10,000x your bet.

Q. Are there any bonus features on the 15 Tridents slot?

A. Yes, you can trigger up to 25 free spins as you spin the 15 Tridents slot.