Harvest Wilds Online Slot Review 

If you are a lover of Stardew Valley or Plants vs Zombies, you’ll love Harvest Wilds! This cutesy, cartoonish take on the traditional slot machine has added an extra twist that ups the ante on every spin of the slot. 

That extra twist is the whopping 7 reels on the board! There are 49 icons on the board at any given time, and you simply need to collect a cluster of 5, no matter in what way, to create a payline. 

The picturesque farm with the cartoon-style veggie icons creates a peaceful environment to gamble and pass the time. Try it today and take advantage of the massive amount of reels and many extra features that will have you growing riches from the ground.  

Harvest Wilds Slot Free Spins

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Game Info
Provider Microgaming
Jackpot No
Reels 7
Paylines N/A
Stakes Range 0.20 to 100
Free Spins/Multiplier Variable free spins and multipliers
Max Win 10,000x
RTP 96.34% 
Volatility  High

How to Play Harvest Wilds?

Playing Harvest Wilds is very simple. First, you need to choose what bet you are going to place. With a minimum of 0.20 credits and a maximum of 100, there are plenty of options for you. 

You then just need to start spinning to see if you can land a win. Your veggies will then spin down and when you connect five together, no matter how, in a cluster or a row, you will have made a payline that will result in a win. Where most games dictate specific paylines to strive for, you simply need to group at least five on the seven available reels and rows, making for more chances to win. 

Plus, to put the cherry on top, when you find a winning combination, the cluster of veggies will disappear, but the grid will simply fall into place and more veggies will fall down. This means that you can hit spin once and keep gaining clusters of veggies, with multipliers adding to the value of them all. 

These icons are various foods from farming, like peppers, parsnips, carrots, pumpkins, aubergine, broccoli, radish, and corn. There is also a sunflower symbol, a water symbol and two fertiliser symbols, represented by green droplets, that each have their own features attached. 

Gameplay and Features 

There are loads of features to help you win even more while playing Harvest Wilds. The sunflower feature is a multiplier that will sprout from seeds dropped on your board. You can collect up to four of them with a value of up to 4x your bet. Cluster them all together and their values will combine, and your win will be multiplied by 256! 

Harvest Wilds Slot Payouts symbols

Respins will be offered by the water droplets on your board. You can take each of them as they come for one spin or store up to five of them as part of the rain meter to increase the value of your multipliers. 

The fertiliser symbol, a green droplet without the rays coming out behind it, will increase a sunflower multiplier by one, but an epic fertiliser symbol, with the rays, will increase all the sunflower multipliers by one, making for some big wins!

Microgaming are known for their inventive bonus rounds. Try one of their other popular online slots like Exotic Cats or Fire Forge, showcasing just how different the games from this provider can be!

Harvest Wilds RTP & Volatility 

Harvest Wilds has an RTP of 96.34% and a high volatility, that, combined with its extra reels makes for a game that offers loads of thrills while you play.  

Harvest Wilds Slot Big Win

This is a beautiful slots game, there is no denying it. If you are searching for a slots game that does not choose form over function, creating a gorgeous game packed with features, this could definitely be the right choice for you. Those special features like the clustered multipliers really help to make this slot shine. Give it a spin for yourself and see what harvest you can bring yourself today.

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Q. Does the Harvest Wilds slot offer any features? 

A. Harvest Wilds slot offers loads of features, including multipliers and free spins, as well as the fun format made up of extra reels.

Q. What is the RTP of the Harvest Wilds slot?

The RTP of the Harvest Wilds slot is 96.34%. 

Q. What is the maximum win on the Harvest Wilds slot? 

A. The maximum win on the Harvest Wilds slot is 10,000x. Head to the Amazon Slots site to try it for yourself today

Q. How many reels has the Harvest Wilds slot got?

A. The Harvest Wilds slot machine has 7 reels for you to collect winning combinations across.