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Blackjack vs Roulette: Which game has the better odds?

With so many games and variations available, it is understandable why casino newcomers might feel overwhelmed by their options. Games like slots, bingo, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat all have their own charms, rules, and strategies for winning. How would one even start?

If you don’t know by now, Amazon Slots is home to all the casino classics that you could ever want to play. Of course, our slots collection is one of the highlights, but we also know that our members love to play casino classics like blackjack and roulette. One question we hear a lot from beginners is whether blackjack or roulette is the better casino game. Now, that is a tough one for any casino fan. 

Therefore, we decided to put the two casino heavyweights up against each other in a battle. To ensure fairness, we chose two employees from Amazon Slots HQ. One likes blackjack and the other likes roulette. So, let's give each game some time to limber up and get ready while we talk you through the six rounds of casino battles we have in store.

The Six-Round Battle – Blackjack vs Roulette

  1. RTP & House Edge
  2. Mechanics & Gameplay
  3. Winning Strategy
  4. Payout & Volatility
  5. Live Dealer Options
  6. Popularity in the 21st Century

Round 1. RTP & House Edge

Ding Ding. Round One. We take a look at the RTP and the casino house edge. To clarify, the RTP and house edge indicate the player's theoretical payout and casino advantage. Blackjack wins this one with ease. 

Round 2. Mechanics & Gameplay

It doesn’t take long to see the difference in gameplay between these two. On one side, you have blackjack, a slow and calculated game that requires thought and decision-making throughout. On the other side, you have the excitement of watching the roulette ball spinning around a wheel. It all depends on your preferences here, so we are going to call this round a tie.

Round 3. Winning Strategy 

Blackjack is much more advanced in the way you have various strategies and decisions to make that can affect you, either winning or losing your bet. Roulette is very much a luck-based game with no way of affecting the outcome. Blackjack is the clear winning here, allowing players to test out tactics and use strategies to beat the dealer.

Round 4. Payout & Volatility

Again, it’s hard to look past blackjack in this round. Playing at the optimal strategy, players can achieve below 1% house edge on the game, whereas roulette games can be haphazard with varying house edge values that come nowhere near the blackjack zone. Blackjack wins, but if you choose roulette, you will want to play the European or French versions to keep the house edge low.

Round 5. Live Dealer Options

Both games enjoy a long list of live dealer options, so it will be tough to call the winner in this round. Live casinos come with varying table limits, game rules, side bets, and table designs for both games, so it really comes to preference again. You will find excellent versions of both games if you want a high-class live casino experience. If we had to pick, blackjack just takes the round due to the sheer number of options available.

Round 6. Popularity in the 21st Century

Well, it’s safe to say that both roulette and blackjack have continued their success and popularity into the 21st century. Casino classics in their own right, you will always find a version of the game to play at all the top online casinos, and especially here at Amazon Slots. The popularity rating of both games does not look like faltering. The game that attracts the most attention? It has to be blackjack.

The Final Verdict

To be honest, both games are casino classics and will always be considered some of the best casino games to play. Roulette brings the peak levels of excitement and entertainment to your sessions. Pick your numbers, colours, outside bets, or whatever suits your bankroll and roulette strategy, and then watch as the roulette ball spins wildly around the wheel. It’s fast, fun, and entertaining. 

Still, there can only be one winner, and that has to be blackjack. The strategy and decision-making help to make this one of the true casino greats. Beginners can pick up the game and play, while advanced tactics make it a game you can improve on and become a master at. Play the right blackjack variant can whittle the house edge down to below 1%, which is definitely something worth keeping in mind when you want to win more!