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Megaways vs. Jackpots - The Clash of The Titans

The jackpot has been the golden goose for every gamer for decades. Life-changing prizes that reach millions are hard to beat, yet, there is one new gaming format that just might succeed. We’re talking about Megaways. 

The Megaways gaming mechanism introduced by BigTime Gaming is considered the next big thing in the industry. Some consider it so revolutionary it could push jackpot slots to the margins. But is it really so, and what are the similarities and differences between the two? Let’s take a look! 

Megaways vs Jackpots: The Differences

The main difference between the jackpot and megaways is how they are played. A jackpot represents a special prize that has to be triggered in a specific way. For instance, you have to land a combo of symbols and then spin a wheel to see what prize you’re getting. 

At the same time, Megaways are active throughout your session, allowing you to hit more or less paylines, depending on the layout. The maximum number of Megaways paylines can reach hundreds of thousands, and when combined with good volatility and solid RTP, it is a combo more rewarding than any jackpot prize. Megaways also allows you to trigger more wins regularly instead of just one massive prize. 

What are Megaways Slots? 

As we mentioned earlier, Megaways slot machines have a variable number of paylines that tend to be higher than standard slot machines. For instance, a simple slot game may have 10-30 paylines. The lower numbers of Megaways paylines always hit around the 50 mark. Impressive, right? The fact that these games have more ways to win than basic games is only one element of their alluring image. 

The second is the quality of games. With time, BGT recognized the popularity and the potential of this exciting gaming system, so it decided to issue licenses to other operators. Thanks to this business policy, Megaways games are no longer part only of the BGT network but can be found with the majority of mainstream casino suppliers. 

Many 3rd party operators implement Megaways to their most successful titles, thus revamping them for both old and new generations of players. Who would have thought that having that one extra reel on top could be so revolutionary? 

Jackpot Slots Explained

Jackpot is often seen as a 2-in-1 game and the ultimate gaming dream, adorned with massive payouts. But is it really so? Let’s break it down together! 

When we say 2-in-1 game, we mean that the game has two major components. The first is the base game, which is nothing more than your standard slot machine. The other element is the jackpot game, far more exciting than the base game and embellished with gigantic payouts. 

However, things are a bit more complex than that, as there are also different types of jackpots on the market. The most popular is the global progressive, which gets bigger with every hand played at any casino. Meanwhile, fixed jackpots don’t grow as much or grow only up to a certain level. No matter what jackpot game you play, you’ll experience lower RTPs than usual.

Megaways vs Jackpots: What to Choose? 

In the end, we can only conclude both of these games are entitled to their place on the casino scene, but it is upon the player to pick one they prefer. They are two different types of games, with actually very little in common. Will it be moderate Megaways releases with decent payouts throughout the session? Or perhaps the riskier yet more rewarding jackpot slots? 

The choice is all yours! No matter which way you look at it, both are entertaining!