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Spin, Win, and Jet-Set: Travel Fever Live - Your Passport to Unforgettable Jackpot Adventures! 

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*New players only, £10 min fund, 65x Bonus wagering requirements, max bonus conversion to real funds equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) full T&Cs apply.

OnAir Entertainment's Travel Fever Live Casino Game takes you on a thrilling journey! This sensational live dealer casino game show features a colossal wheel and six enticing bonus rounds, offering UK players the chance to win up to 21,000x. Brace yourself for an unparalleled and delightful gaming experience, where every spin brings unbeatable excitement and potential jackpot triumphs!




Wheel Game Show

Bet Range

£0.1 to £10

Special Features

Wheel, bonus rounds

Max Win






Theme & visuals

Live Travel Fever boasts a visually captivating Travel theme, incorporating various elements like iconic destinations and modes of transport within its gameplay. The game's aesthetics feature a 54-segment horizontal wheel, reminiscent of a roulette wheel, housing an array of instant win and bonus segments.

The game's visual appeal lies not just in its design but also in its functionality. A dedicated presenter guides players through the intricacies of setting bets and navigating menus, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Travel Fever Live Gameplay

Here is a short summary of how the game works.

  1. The Live Travel Fever wheel features 54 segments, evenly distributing multipliers and segments for six bonus round types. Six continent sections, each with nine segments of multipliers, are positioned towards the wheel's centre.
  2. The 54 segments consist of;
  • 42 Bonus Round Segments (Golden Spin, Happy Race, Flying Dice, Train Rush, Lucky Hike, Ship Hunt - seven segments each).
  • 12 Multiplier segments (9x and 1x - six segments each).
  1. The betting grid encompasses six continents: Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, and Africa. Each continent's nine segments include seven 6x multipliers, one 1x multiplier, and one 9x multiplier. Continent bets can result in 1x, 9x, or 6x wins.
  2. The betting grid allows wagers on Bonus Rounds and continents. A successful Bonus Round bet grants entry to the corresponding bonus round. A successful continent bet yields a multiplier win. Continent Collect pays if all six continents are drawn sequentially without duplicates.
  3. Simultaneous wins are possible for both a Bonus Round and a Continent bet. Winning a multiplier from the outer wheel is also achievable with an active Bonus Round bet.
  4. Bonus rounds don't guarantee wins. Five require player decisions, impacting the outcome. The minimum win is 1x, with the sixth bonus round being a slot beyond player control. RNG determines bonus round payouts based on player choice, RNG, or the wheel and dice outcomes.
  5. Game rounds are relatively slow during triggered bonus rounds, which occur frequently. The maximum win is 2000x in the Golden Spin Bonus Round (Bike).

How to Play?

  1. In the gaming interface, there are twelve betting positions, six allocated for the bonus rounds—Flying Dice, Lucky Hike, Train Rush, Ship Hunt, Golden Spin, and Happy Race—and six for the continents—Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Europe, and Australia. An additional bet spot is reserved for the Continent Collect Bet.
  2. During the Betting Time phase, players can place bets on some or all of the available bet spots. Once the Betting Time concludes, the presenter initiates the action by spinning the horizontal wheel until it halts on a specific segment.
  3. If the landed segment corresponds to a bonus round and a player has an active bet on the relevant bet spot, the Bonus round commences for those participants. Conversely, players without an active bet on the relevant bonus round watch as it unfolds.
  4. In case the landed segment is a multiplier, and a player has a bet on any bonus round, they receive payment based on the multiplier's value. For those who placed bets on continents, they earn the respective continent multiplier for the segment, unless the multiplier has already been claimed (limiting players to one multiplier per game).
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Travel Fever Live Bonus Rounds 

From special deposit bonuses to enticing reward programmes encouraging players to wager more on specific slot games, the online casino universe presents an ever-flowing stream of bonus rewards. These perks cater to both new and loyal players, ensuring a continuous wave of incentives in the dynamic world of online gaming.

The six Bonus rounds in Travel Fever. Each takes you to its own world of massive rewards and multipliers

Travel Fever Bonus Rounds: Embark on an exhilarating journey with Travel Fever's six captivating Bonus rounds, each unveiling its unique realm of substantial rewards and enticing multipliers.

Golden Spin - Bicycle Icon: Indulge in a live slot experience inspired by the acclaimed 9 Pots of Gold, offering a thrilling max win of 2000x. The Bicycle Icon marks your entry into this dynamic slot game within the live show.

Happy Race - Wheel Icon: Engage in decision-making excitement as you predict the directional choices of cars – Left or Right. The accuracy of your predictions directly correlates with the potential payout, adding an extra layer of strategy to this compelling round.

Flying Dice - Aeroplane Icon: Select one of three dice sets in this game of chance. A pair in your chosen dice set ensures a minimum win of 5x, adding an element of luck and choice to your journey through Travel Fever.

Train Rush - Train Icon: Embark on a virtual journey by selecting a location, each assigned unique multipliers. The roll of the dice determines your destination, creating an immersive experience where chance and strategy intertwine.

Lucky Hike - Compass Icon: Navigate through the wheel spin by choosing between Red or Blue. Random multipliers in this round inject an element of unpredictability, adding excitement to your journey as you hike towards potential rewards.

Ship Hunt - Anchor Icon: Channel your strategic skills in a game reminiscent of Battleships. Select three locations on a grid, revealing hidden ships with attached multipliers. Ship Hunt combines anticipation and choice for an engaging gameplay experience.

The Bonus rounds, each occupying seven segments on the Travel Fever wheel, present a compelling 77% chance of triggering one with every spin. In the absence of a Bonus round, the alternative win possibilities include a 9x or 1x payout, ensuring that every moment is charged with excitement and potential rewards.

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Travel Fever Live by OnAir Entertainment offers an immersive gaming experience with a diverse range of bonus rounds, including the dynamic Golden Spin and strategic Ship Hunt. The intricately designed wheel structure, continent bets, and frequent bonus round activations ensure a thrilling 77% chance of encountering a bonus with each spin.

With enticing multipliers, captivating themes, and strategic decision-making, Travel Fever elevates player satisfaction, promising an exhilarating journey through diverse gameplay elements and the potential for substantial rewards.


Q. What are the Odds of Triggering a Bonus Round in Travel Fever?

A. Travel Fever presents an impressive 77% chance of encountering a bonus round with each spin, thanks to its wheel structure featuring seven segments dedicated to each thrilling bonus round.

Q. How Does the Continent Collect Bet Work in Travel Fever?

A. The Continent Collect Bet rewards players if all six continents are drawn sequentially without duplicates during gameplay, offering an additional opportunity for strategic betting and enhanced rewards.

Q. What Distinguishes the Various Bonus Rounds in Travel Fever?

A. Each Bonus Round in Travel Fever offers a unique experience, from slot-based gameplay in the Golden Spin to strategic decision-making in Happy Race and the chance-driven Flying Dice, providing diverse and immersive gaming encounters for players.