Aloha Slot


Aloha_Bigsymbol.pngIf you’re looking for a slot game that will transport you to sunny shores then check out the Aloha slot. This Hawaiian themed slot game is just what you need to add a bit of sun, sea and sand into your day to day life. Get ready to enjoy one of the most lucrative and interesting slot games on the market! When you first fire up this slot game, you will be greeted by the NetEnt branding. Then, you’ll be taken onto a sunny, sandy beach with a load of lovely jackpots waiting to be won. You’ll see tiki statues, a gorgeous sunset and little huts to get you feeling like you’re on your holidays.

The way that the reels are set up in this game is slightly different to what you may be accustomed to. These are in a square grid shape, rather than the usual rectangular reels that most slots have.

It also pays slighty differently to other slots, which means it’s perfect for the player that wants to try something new. There are six reels in the Aloha slot game but there aren’t any paylines to think about. Instead, you want to snap up clustersof symbols, identical symbols which appear in groups horizontally or vertically from oneanother. You’ll need to get groups of 9 or more to be awarded a prize but the bigger your cluster, the larger the prize.

Aloha_Smallsymbol.pngAlthough there are no paylines, you can still very easily control what you bet in this game. This is done with the two controls that are placed at the bottom of the screen. These control the level at which you bet and the coin size that you’re playing with too. This means you can bet a little or a lot or even anywhere in between. We also have some Aloha slots free spins and bonuses to be unlocked. One symbol that you’ll find to be absolutely essential is the substitution symbol, which is a basic box with a question mark on it. This fairly simple symbol will add into your clusters to add extra symbols and make them worth even more.

We also have the free spins feature of the game, which comes in the form of a postcard symbol. When you snap up clusters of these symbols, the reels will start to spin for free while you watch the action. The fun will start and you can win more free spins as the round progresses. There are so many features to discover with this game and the beachy theme will make it all the more fun for you to play on. There are all sorts of ways to play too, whether you want to go for the big bets or just spend a little instead. Play the Aloha slot at Amazon Slots and you’ll be instantly swept away into the tropical landscape. With all those features, you might just win yourself a jackpot big enough to go on holiday with! You’ve got to spin it to win it!