The Green Machine Bingo - A Multiplier Extravaganza 

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*New players only, £10 min fund, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) to real funds, 65x wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply here.

If you're in the mood for an electrifying bingo experience that's unlike any other, then The Green Machine Bingo by Light & Wonder is your ticket to a thrilling adventure. This game takes the classic bingo concept and infuses it with an innovative twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gameplay - A Lock and Load of Excitement

The Green Machine Bingo introduces a unique feature known as the "Hold and Spin." With each spin, Multipliers land on the grid, and here's the kicker – they lock in place for not one but two additional spins! Imagine the anticipation as you watch those Multipliers accumulate, knowing that your next spins could spell out a major payday.

Completing a row is where the magic happens. As each row fills up with Multipliers, they're all total together, resulting in a potential cascade of winnings. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy and excitement to the traditional bingo format.  

Bonus Features

  • Hold and Spin
  • Jackpots
  • Super Bingo
  • Bingo Bonus 

the Green Machine Bingo Bonus

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How to play The Green Machine Bingo?

  • Set Your Bet: Begin by choosing your bet amount, adjusting it according to your preferences.

  • Start the Game: Hit the spin button to commence the game. The grid will populate with numbers, Multipliers, and symbols.

  • The Hold and Spin Feature: Multipliers land on the grid and lock in place for the next two spins, creating opportunities for big wins.

  • Completing Rows: Your objective is to complete rows on the grid by accumulating Multipliers. When a row is filled, the Multipliers are added together, potentially leading to substantial payouts.

  • Super Bingo Bonus: Aim to align a BINGO line with the central Star symbol to trigger the Super Bingo Bonus. This can result in even larger winnings.

  • Keep Spinning: The Green Machine Bingo is all about anticipation and strategy. Continue spinning the reels, strategizing to fill rows and increase your chances of significant payouts.

  • Enjoy the Thrill: Relish the excitement of the game as you chase Multipliers and aim for big wins. This unique bingo experience promises moments of exhilaration and entertainment.

Visuals and Audio - A Feast for the Senses

Light & Wonder has done a commendable job with the game's aesthetics. The vibrant green hues and the captivating visuals draw you into the world of The Green Machine Bingo. The sound effects, while not overly complex, perfectly complement the gameplay, creating an immersive atmosphere.

RTP and Payouts - Where Big Wins Await

The game offers a range of RTP options, allowing you to choose your preferred level of risk and reward. Whether you opt for the higher volatility or prefer a steadier experience, The Green Machine Bingo caters to all types of players.

With the potential to win up to 10,072x your bet, this game has the potential for some seriously impressive Payouts. The Hold and Spin feature, coupled with the Super Bingo Bonus, keeps the adrenaline pumping as you chase those elusive jackpots. 

The Green Machine Bingo Big Win

Final Verdict - Bingo with a Twist

In a world where bingo can sometimes feel a bit routine, The Green Machine Bingo breathes new life into the classic game. The Hold and Spin mechanic, along with the prospect of landing massive Multipliers and jackpots, adds a thrilling element of surprise and strategy. Whether you're a bingo aficionado or simply seeking an exciting gaming experience, this title from Light & Wonder is a must-try. Get ready for a bingo adventure like no other and aim for those green-tinted jackpots! 


Q. Is The Green Machine Bingo similar to traditional bingo games?

A. While The Green Machine Bingo retains the essence of bingo with rows and numbers, it introduces the innovative "Hold and Spin" feature, setting it apart from traditional bingo. This feature adds a strategic element and the potential for bigger payouts.

Q. How do I trigger the Super Bingo Bonus in the game?

A. To trigger the Super Bingo Bonus, you need to align a BINGO line with the central Star symbol on the grid. This bonus feature can lead to enhanced winnings and an exciting gaming experience.

Q. What is the significance of Multipliers in The Green Machine Bingo?

A. Multipliers are a key element of the game. They lock in place for two additional spins, potentially accumulating and resulting in significant payouts when rows are completed. Keep an eye on these Multipliers as you play for added excitement and rewards.